Question: What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Answer: Pueraria Mirifica is an herbal plant from north eastern of Thailand and belongs to the leguminosae subfamily papilionoideae (like the soy, bean, and pea subfamily). This Thai plant is most commonly found in the forests at an altitude of 300-800 meters above sea level. There are different qualities of Pueraria Mirifica as there are different kinds of Pueraria: white, red, black and gray. For women who want to enhance their breasts in a natural way, only the white Pueraria Mirifica is effective because it is the only one that contains the essential elements that will stimulate estrogen receptors in the milk ducts of the breasts. Pueraria Mirifica white differs from its counterparts by its flower and composition within the roots which contain diverse assets classified as the "Phytoestrogens": miroestrol, daidzein, genistin, genistein, B-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, pueraria, compestrol, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, and mirificin. Pueraria Mirifica can play a valuable youth-promoting role in the health of women during menopause or approaching menopause as well. According to studies and medical surveys, women who use Pueraria have seen improved their breast firmness, increased the suppleness of their skin, more lustrous hair and elevated sex drive.

Question: How are efficient our Pueraria Mirifica products?

Answer: From a large group of volunteers who tested cosmetic products from Pueraria Mirifica, Positive results were shown. Approximately up to 90% of the consumers have noticed improvements in the firmness, size and volume of their breasts. The 10% women who do not respond will know after 2 months use because they will not feel tight in their breast and their breast size has not increased. However, there will be a response in the form of firmness.

Question: Is Pueraria Mirifica safe to use?

Answer: According to studies, Pueraria Mirifica product are safe to take and they do not cancer because it is 100% natural and allergies to Pueraria Mirifica are very rare. Pueraria Mirifica extract is known to be not non-mutagenic but is also effective as anti-cancer cell line.

Question: Do our Pueraria Mirifica products sold on our website are approved by the FDA?

Answer: Our Pueraria Mirifica capsules, serums and creams have been developed and created in the Thai pharmaceutical companies under the control of the GPO (Governmental Pharmaceutical Organization), are FDA approved and ISO 14001 certified (National GMP certificate).

Question: What is the difference between estrogen and phytoestrogens?

Answer: Estrogen is an endogenous female hormone found in humans and animals which promotes “estrogenic effects” . On the contrary, Phytoestrogens are natural chemicals derived from plants. Pueraria Mirifica plant contains high phytoestrogens levels and therefore can be used to substitute estrogen without the adverse side effects commonly contributed to estrogen supplements.

Question: What is the minimum duration of Pueraria Mirifica treatment?

Answer: A minimum of 3-6 months of treatment is recommended , which corresponds to 3-6 boxes of capsules. Below, it is too short to notice any real and profound change. If you want to make a try, you should consider at least 3 months of treatment and continue it after if the results were not deep and important enough.

Question: How long will it take to notice the first changes?

Answer: Usually, you will start to see your breast become fuller within 45 days to 60 days of taking the recommended dosage of Pueraria Mirifica. It is extremely rare to notice any change before that period. These results can be dramatically faster if using capsules with a topical cream or serum. The first changes will be an improvement in the firmness of your breasts, the beginning of a tightening of your breasts with breast more feminine shape and a softer skin . These are just a few examples of changes that you can notice. If you start a cure, finish it and be patient.

Question: What is the recommended dosage for the capsules?

Answer: The dosage is easy to follow: 3 capsules per day, 1 after each meal (about 30 minutes later), and stop taking Pueraria Mirifica two days before your period and during them. There is also a 2nd way to take Pueraria Mirifica capsules. The breast capsules must be taken for 15 days with the first dose being taken on the first day of the menstrual period. After having taken them for the full 15 days you must take off 15 days without the pills, before beginning the second round.

Question: When will i reach the peak benefits with the capsules?

Answer: Women are different and our bodies are different. But most of the women reach the peak benefits of the pills around the 3rd or 4th month. Therefore some development will be noticeable. During the 3rd and 4th month, you will reach your peak of development and can discontinue use of the capsules after the 6th month. The 5th and 6th month of the capsules supply is there to assist with maintaining any development. However, due to older age and other factors, breast size and firmness may decrease over time. If this occurs you may start a new course of pills.

Question: What Is the difference between the serum/cream and the capsule type? What is the best?

Answer: The type of supplement used really depends on your reason for using the product. The capsule is a food supplement that provides a systemic response throughout the body. The capsules will provide sustenance for overall body health including better skin and hair condition, improved bone condition and taken at a higher dose, will assist with breast enlargement and firmness.

The serum and cream are used for breast enhancement purposes only. They will provide rapid results in breast enhancement and due to the topical application to breast only; there is no effect on the rest of the body. Note that the serum or cream will help your breast to remain firm and will assist in preventing sagging.

Question: How should I use the serum or creams?

Answer: For use the serum or creams, it should be applied directly to the breast starting at the base and covering the entire breast. And for improved results, the serum or cream should be use twice a day or once a day. Topical applications should occur every day and not be cycled on and off like the capsule supplements. For our advices on how to perform the massage, read here

Question: Can I only use the serums or creams?

Answer: For breast enlargement purpose, it is not recommended to use just only the serums or creams because the results will be minimal. So for best and effective results, it is advised to use these topical forms with the capsule supplements.

Question: Why associating capsules with serum/cream is highly recommended?

Answer: As the breast serum and cream have the ability to activate on the outermost layer of the skin, the effects, when used independently will be only temporary. For a very long duration, topical treatments do not reach the deeper breast tissue where the majority of the breast volume is located. By using our packages of capsules with the breast serum and breast cream products, the inner breast tissue will increase in size and volume in a more effective and natural way.

Question: After the treatment, should I still take the pills or use the cream/serum to maintain the development?

Answer: Due to the effects of aging on skin and tissue firmness, a constant treatment as you get older, will be a good step to help maintain the effects of the program. Regardless of age you may wish to continue using the serum/cream 1-3 times weekly for longer lasting effects.There is no harm to be done to the breasts by applying the cream/serum on a regular basis.

Question: What are the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica capsules on post-menopausal women?

Answer: After 1 to 2 starting the treatment, menopausal women will see their body’s circulation improve, their post-menopausal problems decrease, observe a lowering of cholesterol and s strengthening of their bones. Their skin and hair will also show improvement, becoming smoother and healthier looking. For hormonal balance, the dosage can be reduce to 2 capsules per day only. . Be aware that if you are taking the capsules for the full month your period may return. This is a normal occurrence for post-menopausal women and you should not be alarmed. It only means that your body will begin to feel “young” again due to the Pueraria Mirifica effects. However, the effects for post-menopausal women require more time as their hormonal activities are not like a young woman’s and the results will require more time and patience.

Question: Can male to female transgendered people take Pueraria Mirifica?

Answer: Yes Sure, Pueraria Mirifica can increase the natural breast size of transgendered women simply because men and women have the same hormones, but men generally have more testosterone and women more estrogen. However, the effects will be less important compared to biological women because transgendered women have less estrogen receptors in the body that will respond to Pueraria Mirifica youth enhancing properties. As men have lower estrogen levels and higher testosterone levels, it will need more time for the Pueraria Mirifica to be effective and act deeply. It is recommended that they have a treatment of at least 5-8 months for their bodies to adapt well to hormonal changes. However, it may also be easier for men to female transgendered people to undergo treatment with Pueraria Mirifica and get results of mammary development because they do not have a menstrual cycle and can take Pueraria continuously. Some doctors advise to take Pueraria with an anti-androgen, which aims to prevent testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a more potent form of testosterone that blocks estrogen.

Question: Does Pueraria Mirifica have any negative side effects?

Answer: It is not frequent but might happen. Some women do experience negative side effects from Pueraria Mirifica. The most common is increased sensitivity in the breast tissue. Another side effect is an increased time that a woman experiences her period with increase of blood flow. But Delayed menstrual cycles on the contrary is also possible With continued use of Pueraria Mirifica, these side effects usually disappear as the body becomes used to the effects of Pueraria Mirifica or the dosage can be lowered too.

Question: Who should not take Pueraria Mirifica?

Answer: Women who have had a history of cysts, tumors, uterus problems and thyroid should consult their doctor before starting treatment with Pueraria Mirifica. Women who become pregnant and want to breastfeed will subsequently stop treatment. Teenagers under 18 years old should also wait before considering a Pueraria Mirifica treatment.

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